woot! fans can get the B.O.C. business style

by Brad Isaac on March 27, 2006

One of the most popular features of the tech clearinghouse woot! is their Bag-O-crap givaway.  The givaway may sound pretty bad, but I’ve heard of people walking away with Tivos and LCD displays.  Today, the business book site InBubbleWrap says they’ve ripped off woot and are running their own Bag-O-Crap givaway, but for business users.  The three lucky winners will receive 4 business books…My guess is they’ll be nice-worthwhile reads.

Good Luck!

Link: InBubbleWrap

It’s the long awaited, much anticipated, total and complete rip-off off wOOt’s Bag O’ Crap. It is the BOX ‘O BUSINESS CRAP. I’m going to start counting on my hand right now, ready…..One …..Two……Threeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! That’s it. Three people will received a musty and coffee stained-box full of, hmmm, four books

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