Achieve-IT! Goal Software Minor Update – bugfixes

by Brad Isaac on July 5, 2006


Screen showing goal export to Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Task List

While I was building the next major version of Achieve-IT! desktop edition software today it occurred to me I had built and packaged an earlier bug fix version a few weeks ago but I never uploaded it!
This addresses most of the bugs that were reported to me.
If you are not having any problems, then you probably don’t need the update and you can wait for the major release.  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.  
But in the meantime, there is this version to keep you on track. 
    * Fixed a bug where if you added goals on the fly, you might get a message that says: “An unhandled exception has occurred…”"

    * Added Range option to refine module
    * Fix date in Refine wizard (if no date chosen, then set date is pushed)

    * Add new 1, 5, 10, Lifetime options for legacy users

    * Fixed refine wizard so it no longer clears “set date”

    * Reformatted Refine wizard to fix settings for pitfals, etc.

    * Fix Refine wizard so that it doesn’t lose 1, 5, 10 year goal designation

    * Lots of code clean up (optimizing)

    * Fix error in Plan of action where 1, 5, L, buttons appear

    * fixed bug in brainstorm wizard where a goal “Enter your goals here” could occur

    * Fix Finish button so re-entering brainstorm makes it a “next” button again 

    * Fix internal database error that might cause sorting errors in some circumstances

    * Set Next button in Brainstorm wizard to enter goal if you forget to click the enter key first (start with “Finish” button)

    * Fix a bug in Refine wizard where if you didn’t reword a goal it would blank the goal
How to install on your Windows computer:
1.  Download the Microsoft .NET Framework and install
2.  Download and install the 1.3.6 version of Achieve-IT! software: Achieve-IT_1.3.6_setup.exe (2952.7K)
3.  Run Achieve-IT! and then click the vision button
4.  Achieve-IT! software will walk you through each step of the way so you can build a great plan for reaching your goals.
5.  When you are ready to register your copy visit

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