Using Time to “Percolate” Your Writing and Other Ideas

by Brad Isaac on August 25, 2006

I am deep into half-written blogging syndrom right now. I’ve got about 7 blog posts that I’d consider aren’t quite there yet. They just aren’t ready.

So instead of clearing them and sending them to the front page, I keep them in draft mode. I trust that ideas will eventually come. And they do, but sometimes they only come one sentence at a time. Frustrating to wait around sometimes. Wait for the words to flow. But it is part of the game.

One idea of the four Glen Stansberry posted for dealing with this issue that I want to try is a daily review and edit.

Review it
Every day I’ll pull up my list of post ideas that I haven’t written
about. I’ll glance through the titles and bullet points, and see if
anything triggers a thought. If it does, I’ll write down another bullet
point or idea. If not, I let it be. Usually more ideas for the posts
come up when I’m doing something else.

Let Your Blog Posts Marinate (4 Steps to Forming Great Ideas) via 43Folders

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