Come Jam with Ronald

by Brad Isaac on March 17, 2007

It’s funny how my friends and I go through different “team-think” moments. What’s remarkable is it seems even though we aren’t sending particular links back and forth, we somehow end up discovering the same sites, participating in the same discussions, stumbling on the same blogs.

One of my latest finds was a YouTube video blog by Ronald Jenkees. He is a self-proclaimed “special” person. What makes him special? Kicking out the Jams of course!

Check out his Improvised Jam on the Korg Triton LE.

Watching him reminds me of something Sting (Gordon Sumner) said once. Paraphrasing from memory: “Charisma is a trick. What you do is you appear to not be able to do something and then when you do it, do it better than anyone else. The contrast is what makes people love you.”

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