Exercise Linked to Boost in Brainpower

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According to Reuters, US researchers have found a solid link showing aerobic exercise increases brainpower by building new brain cells in the area of memory function. Scientists gave MRI scans to people before and after a three month exercise program. They found an increase in cranial blood flow similar to lab mice which had demonstrated increased mental capacity due to exercise.

So, ultimately, it looks like researchers are close to proving what many of us have known all along… Physical fitness caused brain fitness.

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Aaron M. PottsNo Gravatar March 13th, 2007

I was a personal trainer for 3 years, and during that time I maintained a health and fitness newsletter. There were constantly new studies coming out that linked regular exercise to a host of both mental and physical benefits.

So many people are hung up on exercise as simply being a weight loss tool, when in all actuality the benefits of exercise reach much further and have much longer term benefits than simply keeping off extra flab.

Thanks for posting this!

Brad IsaacNo Gravatar March 16th, 2007

Hi Aaron, it’s good to have some “in the trenches” insight on the benefits of a regular workout routine. Thanks for stopping by and posting.

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