Why Sharing Makes You Smarter Plus 2 Productivity Boosting Articles

by Brad Isaac on August 15, 2008

jim_rohn_photo I learned the power of teaching from Jim Rohn. According to him, passing your knowledge to others makes you smarter.

In his audio program The Art of Exceptional Living he says:

“Here’s what sharing does… makes room for more. Key question, if this glass is full of water can it hold any more? If the glass is full of water, can it hold any more? And the answer is yes, yes, if you pour some out. So jot that down. If you want more, you’ve got to pour out what you’ve got, then you have the opportunity to receive more.

Now, unlike the glass that remains the same size when you pour some out; not so in consciousness human beings. Your capacity will increase the more you share. You’ll get bigger and bigger and bigger. “

So in an effort to share, here are two articles I wrote for other sites I thought you might like:

6 Arguments for Embracing Hard Work and Avoiding Laziness at Dumb Little Man

How EOM Makes Your Email More Efficient at Lifehacker

I welcome your raves or criticisms in the comments below…

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