Readers Digest Starts Podcasting

by Brad Isaac on May 30, 2006

Readers Digest has always been a fun and entertaining way to get some good tips for living a more fulfilling life.  They have now released a podcast called RD Out Loud you can subscribe to get a lot of their content read to you.  Good for listening to on the road or while on the run. 

The programs last about an hour long and include topics like:

  • Family: Parenting expert Judsen Culbreth talks about the trend of overprotective or “helicopter” parents and the effect they have on their children.
  • Health: Health journalist Dan Ferber takes us through some amazing trends in health care.
  • Money: Reader’s Digest Features Editor Donna Banks talks about the increase in child identity theft and other scams.
  • That’s Outrageous: Michael Crowley talks about people who are ripping off charities.

Link: RD Out Loud Podcasts

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