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Brad Isaac

What can I teach you about reaching your goals? I view life as an adventure, with every day being a blessing and new experience.

From the age of 15, my adventures started in mountain climbing in Colorado. By 19 I was spelunking in North Carolina. At 18 made a study of goal setting and achievement strategies to which I continue to this day.

By 21, it was time to “grow up” and get a real job. So I started touring the East Coast as a stand-up comic performing with the likes of Norm MacDonald and Carrot Top. While doing so, I wrote briefly for Jay Leno of the Tonight show. But the adventure doesn’t end there.

Irritated with travel, I let my curiosity expand into the realm of computers and servers to which I applied my unique goal setting methods to achieve an MCSE certification within 1 year – a remarkably swift achievement considering I had no Windows experience when I started.

From there I landed some high profile server administrator positions and became known as a “genius” among my associates for coming up with unique inventions and solutions to computing problems.

In 2010, I opened a blog where I posted articles related to online casinos, including different winning strategies, game reviews and stuff like that. A few years later, I realized the information published in the blog would be useful for a wider audience which led me to starting AuCasinosOnline.

I am probably best known for my bestselling Goal Setting software Achieve-IT! for PC and remarkably successful Pocket PC Addict website which I founded and still contribute to frequently.

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