Brad Isaac“What can this curious adventurer teach you about reaching your goals?

He views life as an adventure, with every day being a blessing and new experience.

From the age of 15, his adventures started in mountain climbing in Colorado by 19 he was spelunking in North Carolina. At 18 made a study of goal setting and achievement strategies to which he continues to this day.

By 21, it was time to “grow up” and get a real job. So he started touring the East Coast as a stand-up comic performing with the likes of Norm MacDonald and CarrotTop. While doing so, he wrote briefly for Jay Leno of the Tonight show. But the adventure doesn’t end there.

Irritated with travel, he let his curiosity expand into the realm of computers and servers to which he applied his unique goal setting methods to achieve his MCSE certification within 1 year – a remarkably swift achievement considering he had no Windows experience when he started.

From there he landed some high profile server administrator positions and became known as a “genius” among his associates for coming up with unique inventions and solutions to computing problems.

So is he a genius? He promises he’s not! Instead he insists it’s the goal methods that give him the edge.  It’s the edge available to all of us if we systematically set goals the right way.

He is probably best known for his bestselling Goal Setting software Achieve-IT! for PC and remarkably successful Pocket PC Addict website which he founded and still contributes to frequently.”

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