July Recap and Stats Surprise

by Brad Isaac on August 1, 2007

July was one of the most successful months in this blog’s history. If you are new, let me extend a warm welcome to Achieve-IT!  I hope you find what you are looking for and add Achieve-IT! to your list of daily stops.

Here are the most popular posts from July:

And one I feel is underrated:  12 Attitudes You Can Develop for Losing 10 lbs. In 30 Days - your thoughts?

Oh and I just gotta tell you about the stats.

June 30 RSS readers   1,411
July 30 RSS readers     1,818

But most revealing is the Alexa traffic graph:

Alexa Jul.07


So what’s the change? I have been applying much of what I learned in Yaro’s Blog Mastermind program.

So what exactly did I change? Many things. Long term readers will see some cosmetic changes to the blog. But the best change has been how Yaro and the other members opened my eyes to how I could interact in the Blogosphere as more of an integral part as opposed to a remote satellite.

Sure, it wasn’t bad before. But I felt like blogging was losing its luster. Now I feel the ride is back on track and I am having fun again.

If you own a blog or are considering starting one, I highly recommend you join Blog Mastermind – at the very least read his free Blog Profits Blueprint book. The book will get your gears turning. But the constant reinforcement of his 2-3 times per week emails and audio downloads are what really make the full program worth the investment to me. You can see some of the early results I’ve experienced since joining about 5 weeks ago.

My only complaint is it wasn’t available a year ago.

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August 1, 2007 at 8:38 pm

I am a new reader and your stats look great. It looks like you are improving a lot. I’m interested in Yaro’s program, but think I’ll read his ebook first and then go from there. I haven’t seen many reviews of his program as of yet, but you make it sound promising.

August 2, 2007 at 12:06 am

Congrats on the great results Brad and thank you for the kind words about Blog Mastermind.

I saw your post on problogger – that must have helped with the traffic somewhat.

August 2, 2007 at 9:23 am

I must admit that I’m one of your new RSS subscribers. I’ve been getting your emails for at least a year or more, but your post on 50 blogs finally showed me a use for RSS and I added all of them to Google reader. That alone gave me quick access to interesting posts, which inspired me to write a few posts of my own. I woke up this morning and found that one of the posts that I wrote on my blog was linked from a WSJ Online personal finance article. How cool is that? It wasn’t linked in the article, but at the bottom there is a “Blogs about this topic” where my post is listed. I don’t know if the author stumbled onto my post or it got scooped up by an algorithm, but it’s a link.

Brad Isaac August 2, 2007 at 2:37 pm

Yaro, yes, guest blogging for Problogger did send a lot of traffic my way.

@Eric, a link from WSJ online is great :) Congrats!

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