8 brilliant rationales for signing up for my blog RSS feed right away – i.e. Welcome New readers!

by Brad Isaac on December 27, 2007

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This month was historic in this blog’s traffic. Due to a Stumble of my The 26 Major Advantages to Reading More Books and Why 3 in 4 People Are Being Shut Out of Success post being voted up to the front page, some 100,000 new visitors stopped by to read. There were so many comments posted, I couldn’t keep up. All the new visitors stopping by and commenting was a great Christmas gift!

I get lots of enjoyment out of writing on the blog, and reading all the comments, but I’m not the only one who benefits. Readers who read daily have told me they get a burst of motivation with top-notch goal setting advice every day. It’s like having a personal coach – without having to pay!

Additionally, here are 8 excellent reasons to subscribe to my free blog RSS feed right away:

1. Get answers to YOUR personal self-development questions – Have you ever wished you had a personal coach? How many times have you wished you had someone you could ask for advice? Well now you can ask and get an answer. My door is always open. I answer your emails via blog post every time I get a request for help. This is open to new readers too. Just ask.

2. Save time and money with honest, real product reviews - When you are considering a purchase of an expensive product, you want to know the truth. The truth saves you money and it saves you time. If I review a product here, I answer all your questions without the hype or salesmanship of other “review sites”. An example: When the entire Internet was posting positive “reviews” of Day Job Killer, I was posting the truth about how bad it is – I also refused to put in an affiliate link to the product because I consider it just plain wrong to recommend someone NOT buy something and then give that same reader a link to buy it.

3. Think Like A Genius – For over 20 years, I’ve been a student of mind sciences. I believe there is a creative problem solving genius within every one of us. Whatever your problem might be, you can solve it if you learn to better use your mind in new and exciting ways. Tapping into this natural genius brings greatness into our lives. Tip: As computers and electronic distractions consume the minds of the masses, harnessing this creative genius is all the more important. You can get ahead while others are spinning. I’ll show you the proven methods for generating endless creative breakthroughs.

4. No mystical or occult nonsense – Feel weird about wearing a pyramid on your head? Want to avoid recommendations that are reminiscent of voodoo, snake oil or downright weird? So do I! You won’t find any occult or freaky-deeky on this site. I am someone who believes success isn’t something strange or mysterious, but applying two simple principals: Using your mind efficiently and working smart to apply your natural talents. What you get from reading this blog arefundamentals for getting where you are to where you want to be. You’ll feel more motivated, do better work and start achieving what you never believed possible.

5. No ads in the feed – When you subscribe to the RSS Feed, you get full articles without ads. So you can read all the great content, without being distracted by ads.

6. Written by someone who walks the walk – Have you ever heard someone recommend a tip, but by looking at them you knew they weren’t taking their own advise? We’ve all had that happen. For me, it’s not in my makeup to do it. I’d feel bad recommending you do something I don’t do. So if you see a tip here, you’ll know I use it or have tried it in the past.

7. RSS comes to you – You don’t have to remember to browse to this site. Your RSS reader will pick up the latest articles and deliver them to you – automatically!

8. Free & Unique Productivity Software – Many of my longtime subscribers use Taskblaze to time their tasks and export them to Outlook calendar. I am still building updated versions of that software as well as many others. You’ll be surprised as a kid on Christmas to find some new software ready for download.

These reasons are just a few of the advantages of subscribing to my free RSS feed. As you’ll find out soon enough when you make reading this blog an exciting new habit in your life.

So why not take a second or two and bookmark this blog? Subscribe to my RSS feeder if you haven’t. You can always unbookmark it at any time – but after a week or two of regular reading, I doubt you will.

Best wishes,
Brad Isaac

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