Take a Great Driver’s License Photo, Customize Vista Folder Icons and Get to Nibbling…

by Brad Isaac on January 4, 2008

Here are some fun posts that I wrote on other sites. I thought some of you may find them interesting and or informative.

Customize Folder Icons in Vista for Extra Fast Location Of Your Files – it seems like I spend a horrendous amount of time hunting to find the folder I’m looking for. Here’s how I customize my folder icons in Vista so all it takes is a quick glance to find the one I want.

Drivers licenseTake Your Best Driver’s License Photo Ever – After a recent two-hour sit at the DMV, I watched most people leaving bitter and complaining about the photo on their new driver’s license. Does that sound like you? Here are some tips to get a photo you are more than happy to give to the officer…

Nibble Your Way to Weight Loss This Holiday Season – I know this one is coming a little bit late. But with presidents day right around the corner, we all know the tendency areas to put on a few stubborn pounds while celebrating Lincoln’s birthday. :)

Any comments?

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