Joshua Radin Turns Lemons Into Lemonade

by Brad Isaac on March 31, 2008

joshua radinIndie/Folk Music fans may be familiar with the artist Joshua Radin. He’s got a quiet, but emotional music style reminiscent of Elliot Smith and Damien Rice. But there’s a secret about his music style you may not know…

Joshua Radin says when he was living in a small apartment, he had a problem with his next door neighbor.  Apparently she was a little old lady who complained often about his loud guitar playing and singing.

So to work around it, he began playing and singing softer.  Singing softer became a habit so even when he left the apartment he still produced softer music.

So with this style, he cut one hell of a CD with songs featured on Greys Anatomy, Scrubs and the movie The Last Kiss.

We might wonder if he would have made it as far if some music-hater hadn’t given him a hard time…

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April 1, 2008 at 3:03 pm

It’s true, all the times something forces you to detour or go right instead of left, all the little things that happen to give you new ideas or change old ones… I have found this to be how life seems to go.

I think that’s why a lot of us become blog addicts, there is always something that could change the course of our personal history.

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