Getting Things Done Outlook Add-In Support

by Brad Isaac on August 26, 2005

Fans of the Getting Things Done method of uhh…getting things done, will at least want to download and try the latest GTD plug in for Outlook. If you haven’t heard of it, it is a plug in that helps you keep your inbox clean as a whistle. You can snooze, delegate, make tasks and calendar entries right from the inbox interface and track them fairly easy as well. I say fairly easy, because I have it loaded and some of the views take some getting used to.

Have any Achieve-IT! visitors tried out this plugin? What do you think? Let’s collaborate!

Link: Getting Things Done Outlook Add-In Support.

Issues Resolved
Snooze Button Error
Problem Loading on Start – Add-In seems to be missing or disabled
[Projects] Projects are gone from the drop-down list
[Installation] GTDOA recognized as a virus program
[Items Processing] Error while saving an action from follow up folder
[Items Processing] Send and Delegate seems to disable spell check
[Installation] MSAddnDr.dll is being removed upon uninstall
[Items Processing] Deferring item to Calendar with a link causes an error
[Items Processing] Error when processing completed flagged item
[Items Processing] When Delegating for the first time, the Send and Delegate button appears and if used provides an error
[Actions] GTD toolbar doesn’t appear (Send and Delegate) in the drafts folder

[Other] Unable to close application W when windows is shutting down
[Other] Make the Select box larger in for File folder select list
[Actions] When an appointment is created and attendees are invited, the GTD toolbar is not available.
[Actions] Error in using “file” button
[Installation] Package Runtime Error 987 received when trying to install
[Items Processing] Send and Delegate going to Drafts folder and not being sent when online
[Other] Error when trying to create calendar item in Shared Calendar on Outlook 2003
[Items Processing] Send and Delegate button doesn’t appear on the Draft
[Other] ALT- P doesn’t work to make tasks, etc. private
[Actions] Error trying to file a message to a folder that used to exist
[Options Page] “Black Out Problem” with checkboxes on Defaults page

New Enhancements
[Items Processing] Attach multiple Emails to a single task
[Items Processing] Process a Post Item
[Other] Add Next Action Button on Appointment/Task that will complete and create new task
[Actions] Send and Delegate available on New, Forward or Reply messages
[Actions] Dependant Action Creation
[Other] File Enhancements including view more/less options
[Other] Sub Project Functionality
[Actions] Send and File Option available on New, Forward or Reply messages
[Other] Request for Actions in Journaling
[Items Processing] Calendar View while deferring an item
[Items Process] File a message based on a project – allowing for views to be created
[Other] Use Word as Email editor when using GTDOA
[Other] User can sort file for reference, delegate to, file drop lists by MRU or ABC
[Other] Ability to change GTD folder from default of their inbox to another folder
[Items Processing] Send Options now available on a Forward, Reply and New message

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1 August 26, 2005 at 3:38 pm

Dang! I just installed it on my office machine and it crashed :(

Hopefully it’s just a fluke


2 August 27, 2005 at 3:32 pm

Just to follow up. I was able to get it running again and it seems stable so far.


3 moustafa February 14, 2006 at 7:48 am

I tried to build an AddIn in Outlook 2003 using VS 2003,the problem that the AddIn doesnt appear at all.
i have office 2003.
please advice.


4 February 14, 2006 at 9:24 pm


How are you embedding it in Outlook? Also, after building it, did you go back and manually add it into the outlook view?


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